The lack of motivation is real

I am constantly reminding myself why I started this blog and what success it can bring me if I just put in enough effort. I have started the ambitious journey of becoming a “blogger” and so far it proves to be just as much work as everyone said it would be. I have read 100 Pinterest posts, joined the Facebook groups, and made social media accounts for my blog. But just as the renowned bloggers warned, its not an overnight success kind of thing. I want to get my words out there and engage with people, but how can people find me when I am just another face in the crowd? Well this isn’t going to stop me from my dream of having a successful blog, because it is just motivating me to work harder (or as they say work smarter not harder). Some days it can be harder to find motivation to sit down and write than others, and so far the hardest part for me is media. The media I am referring to would be pictures/videos for the blog to correlate with what I am writing about.

You see so many bloggers and Instagram stars with these amazing pictures, and its not just the quality that is amazing. It’s like all I can think is who the heck is taking these pictures?! I don’t know anyone available during the week to drop everything and follow me around as I pose for a photo. So I am thinking maybe get a tripod? But then what if the pictures don’t look the way I want them to! That is honestly one of the things that makes me lack motivation more than anything, is getting good content to put on my blog so people want to look at it and read it.

I am not going to give in to this “rut” I’m in where I hear that voice in my head telling me I cant do it, because I know I can! I would love to be able to turn my blog into something that is my career and I can stay home with my baby and never answer to anyone but myself. Doesn’t everyone just want to work for themselves at the end of the day? So I have to stay on top of things, read my planner, give myself deadlines, and reach out to other people who are trying to do the same thing as I am. If you are out there reading this, and maybe you feel the same way I do, or maybe you don’t, but I just want to say hello I am another hopeful blogger and I appreciate you taking your time to read this. I would love to interact more with people who blog similar things as I do, or even different topics! So say hi and lets connect!

xx Katie

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First Blog Post!


OK this is exciting! I have been trying to put a blog together for a long time, but have never had the drive to sit down and do it. Well I have been feeling more motivated lately, and so I finally sat down and created something. I am excited to share my thoughts and ideas with you.

The things I will be blogging about cover a wide range of topics. From day-to-day lifestyle, fashion, food, and crafts, I just want to have a platform to share my life and ideas with more people. If you enjoy this type of blog, than you will enjoy everything I will be posting. I just recently ordered some stuff in the mail that I want to review and talk about in a longer post. I also would like to talk about some daily health routines that have really been positively affecting me lately. I have a small list going, but ill name a few here:

  • Daily vitamin intake, and how I mange to stay healthy
  • How I stay organized (planner, apps, notebooks, etc.)
  • Product reviews of new things I have been trying
  • Daily vlogs?

So I put a “?” by daily vlogs because that is something I have always been interested in trying, but am not sure if it is something my readers/viewers would find interesting. I will most likely still give it a shot, just to say I tried! While I am still trying to figure out the logistics of running a successful blog, I hope you will stick around to see this grow!

Back to the drawing board!

xx Katie

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