32 Week Update

We are finally in the single digit countdown for baby O! Of course I am thrilled for him to be here, but I am also excited for some other things happening this month. October is going to be filled with activity, and getting things prepared for this new addition to our lives. On October 8th we move into our new apartment, October 15th I have a full spa day planned at Milk & Honey (b-day gift from momma!), on the 23rd I am (possibly?) having my maternity photos done, and the 29th is my baby shower. Of course there are other little things here and there going on, but I am going to need to make a conscious effort to stay calm in this busy time.

So 32 weeks down, and I am feeling the burn. Pregnancy is a hard, but beautiful thing! I had a major scare this week, and I am an anxious person to begin with so slight bumps in the road sometimes send me down an anxious path. I had been having cramps for about 2-3 days, and they were very mild, but enough for me to worry a bit. So on Wednesday, which was 31 weeks and 3 days, I decided to call my doctors office and explain what had been going on. The cramps felt like menstrual cramps that were making my back hurt a little bit, just like right before you get your period. My doctor ended up asking me to come in so I could get monitored for awhile, just to make sure everything was fine. I got all hooked up to a machine that seemed to be monitoring the baby’s heart, and they also gave me a clicker to click each time I felt him move. So after a few minutes of sitting there the nurse came back to collect the results so my doctor could look over them, and sure enough it detected some light contractions! I was so scared when she said this, because you hear the word contractions and you think “labor”. I got checked by the doctor, and I wasn’t dilated and all of the tests came back normal so I was free to go. My doctor said this wasn’t totally out of the ordinary and not to worry too much, but go home and take it east for the rest of the day. I pretty much spent the next two days not moving out of fear of pre-term labor. I started to think about how blessed people were to have healthy babies and how I have come so far already, I should be so thankful! I have since calmed down since that doctors visit, but I am going to start limiting myself from physical activity a little more.

32 weeks is also marking the end of bending over… that is now an act of the past. My feet and legs will ache and get swollen if I stand for too long, and my back is constantly in knots! The physical strain will only get worse, so I try not to dwell on it too much. I also have started to get my first stretch marks ever, and they are on my butt cheek! I am not to upset about this feature, since after all my body is bringing the greatest gift of life into this world. The least I can do is endure some stretch marks on my bum.


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