National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

I have been seeing so many people posting about National Breastfeeding Awareness month, and it has inspired me to share my take on the matter! Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing that I would feel so blessed to be able to do. I plan on exclusively breastfeeding my baby, and I have chosen to do this based on many different things. One of those things being I was breast fed as a child and turned out healthy, so I will do the same with my child. Although I have heard it is a very painful and tedious task that is very rewarding if you fight through the first few weeks of pain and uncertainty. I find it to be the most natural and cost effective thing for me, so it is what I am hoping to do once my little man arrives. I have even put a breast pump in my registry to further prepare myself for this journey! I selected a Medela breast pump from because it is a medical grade breast pump that is trusted throughout the breastfeeding community. It comes at a hefty price of $341, but from what I have heard it will be a necessity for those days you just have to much milk to deal with. I also have ordered some nursing bras that I will also wear through pregnancy because they are so comfortable! I found the brand Kindred Bravely on Instagram and I just wanted to brag about the quality of their product for a second. The bras are so comfortable and soft, not to mention very stretchy for when you need some extra space. I originally ordered an extra small (I blame that mistake on pregnancy brain) but they were wayyyyy to small. After I read the size chart a little more intensely I decided to upgrade to a medium, and it fits like a glove! I can’t wait to put these into use once baby is here, but until then they compliment the bump perfectly. I will attach the link to Kindred Bravely down below if you want to check out their website!

Anyways, enough about breast pumps and nursing bras! In recent years as I have gotten older I have started to notice this negative stigma that is built up around breastfeeding, specifically breastfeeding in public. Flash back to when I was probably 5 years old, and still in pre-school. My day care had taken us on a zoo field trip, and had a few parents go as chaperones for all of the children. One of the moms had recently had a baby, and of course the baby came along for the zoo trip. As we are walking around observing the animals, this mom stops for a moment to sit down on the bench. I decided to sit down with her, as I was tired and it was the middle of summer so very hot! Her baby was crying and demanding to be fed, so that is what this mother did, fed her child. I have never forgotten her pull her shirt to the side and start breastfeeding her child. I think I was shocked because I had never seen someone do it in public, but even as a 5 year old I didn’t think anything negative of the situation, my only feeling was curiosity of what she was doing. I have encountered very few women openly breast feeding like that in public since that day, and just recently have I started to ask myself why this was.

Scrolling through Facebook I came across a video that I will put at the bottom of this post called Breastfeeding in Public, and it shows different peoples reactions to this woman feeding her child. I was shocked and disgusted to see how many people said something so rude to her! Even women telling her she was disgusting and that could be done in a private place. I never have thought breastfeeding was disgusting, and I don’t understand how some people can be made so uncomfortable by something so natural. I have heard and seen all of the arguments about why you should/shouldn’t breastfeed in public, and honestly I think it comes down to peoples inability to let others do what they please, even when it doesn’t effect them at all. If seeing a nipple is so offensive to you, just look away or ignore the situation. Sure you have the right to voice your opinion about it, but as long as it is legal to do in public no one can control a mother choosing to breastfeed her baby in a public place.

I will never be the person to address a random person about how what they are doing makes me feel uncomfortable. Personally I probably won’t breast feed in public, because it just makes me feel self conscious, and I would feel a lot more comfortable doing it behind closed doors. I am not everyone though, and each person has a different opinion on the subject. The only thing we should remember is to be respectful of other peoples opinions and views. It should not be so hard for us to mind our own business and go about life with out letting others decisions or actions interfere with our daily lives, unless they are doing something awful like torturing an animal. Breastfeeding is a natural act that should not cause for distress or anger among people! Everyone can do what they choose with their bodies, and if that makes you uncomfortable than look away or leave.

Check out this video I linked below to see how people react to a mother breastfeeding in public places.


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