32 Week Update

We are finally in the single digit countdown for baby O! Of course I am thrilled for him to be here, but I am also excited for some other things happening this month. October is going to be filled with activity, and getting things prepared for this new addition to our lives. On October 8th we move into our new apartment, October 15th I have a full spa day planned at Milk & Honey (b-day gift from momma!), on the 23rd I am (possibly?) having my maternity photos done, and the 29th is my baby shower. Of course there are other little things here and there going on, but I am going to need to make a conscious effort to stay calm in this busy time.

So 32 weeks down, and I am feeling the burn. Pregnancy is a hard, but beautiful thing! I had a major scare this week, and I am an anxious person to begin with so slight bumps in the road sometimes send me down an anxious path. I had been having cramps for about 2-3 days, and they were very mild, but enough for me to worry a bit. So on Wednesday, which was 31 weeks and 3 days, I decided to call my doctors office and explain what had been going on. The cramps felt like menstrual cramps that were making my back hurt a little bit, just like right before you get your period. My doctor ended up asking me to come in so I could get monitored for awhile, just to make sure everything was fine. I got all hooked up to a machine that seemed to be monitoring the baby’s heart, and they also gave me a clicker to click each time I felt him move. So after a few minutes of sitting there the nurse came back to collect the results so my doctor could look over them, and sure enough it detected some light contractions! I was so scared when she said this, because you hear the word contractions and you think “labor”. I got checked by the doctor, and I wasn’t dilated and all of the tests came back normal so I was free to go. My doctor said this wasn’t totally out of the ordinary and not to worry too much, but go home and take it east for the rest of the day. I pretty much spent the next two days not moving out of fear of pre-term labor. I started to think about how blessed people were to have healthy babies and how I have come so far already, I should be so thankful! I have since calmed down since that doctors visit, but I am going to start limiting myself from physical activity a little more.

32 weeks is also marking the end of bending over… that is now an act of the past. My feet and legs will ache and get swollen if I stand for too long, and my back is constantly in knots! The physical strain will only get worse, so I try not to dwell on it too much. I also have started to get my first stretch marks ever, and they are on my butt cheek! I am not to upset about this feature, since after all my body is bringing the greatest gift of life into this world. The least I can do is endure some stretch marks on my bum.


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30 Week Update

I am starting to feel the strain of pregnancy… which I don’t even like saying this early on in the third trimester, but it’s true! As the belly gets bigger, and baby boy runs out of space I can constantly feel him moving around. I love this because when he moves I know he’s alive and active, and it brings me a certain peace of mind. I have gotten a few painful kicks and jabs, but nothing I can’t handle! I have gained about 23 pounds so far, which puts me at 133! I think the added weight gain is getting to me though, because if I stand for a long period of time my legs/feet start to ache. On top of that, anytime I stand I instantly have to go to the bathroom. I mean honestly I could pee whenever I wanted to at this stage, its a constant never ending thing. Sometimes baby likes to sit on my bladder and it feels like I have no control and need to go to the bathroom right then and there or I am going to explode! Then he will move and I will go back to feeling like I only sort of have to go.

Aside from the physical stuff, I have been feeling a lot of emotional strain. I have always been one to have high anxiety, rather it be over something specific, or just general anxiety. I feel like I have so much to do before baby is here, and I am just feeling really stressed out. I know all first time moms probably feel the same way I do- but it really sucks. I don’t sleep at night because 1) I am far too uncomfortable to get a decent rest and 2) how could I possible sleep with the list of things I need to do rushing through my head?! I think I will feel a lot better when I am in our new apartment, and after the baby shower when I have everything I will need for baby.

One thing that has really been bothering me is people constantly telling me “how small I am” when I tell them how far along I am. If you have never been pregnant you might think- oh what are you complaining about? But it brings this odd feeling when someone comments on my size, as if me being small makes me inadequate of someone as far along as myself. I talked to my doctor about it, and she reassured me I am measuring perfectly with my due date and that I have nothing to worry about! People like to normalize gaining 50-60 pounds during pregnancy, when really for my size you should only gain 25-30 pounds. I felt a lot better after I talked to my doctor about this issue, but people still feel the need to comment on my size every time I tell them I am 7 and 1/2 months along… I just remember what my doctor said and that helps ease my mind. Rule of thumb though for everyone out there who encounters a pregnant woman… do not comment on her size, no matter how big or small she is! Ask other questions like the gender, the name, or maybe her due date.

Tomorrow begins week 31, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to make it to another week. I feel so blessed to be carrying this baby boy inside me, and as his due date gets closer I get more excited to see him! I have started making some YouTube videos to document these last few weeks, so as soon as I start getting those posted I will leave the links in a blog post.

xx Katie

Check out my most recent YouTube video here! https://youtu.be/y6JAtDy0Ad8


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National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

I have been seeing so many people posting about National Breastfeeding Awareness month, and it has inspired me to share my take on the matter! Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing that I would feel so blessed to be able to do. I plan on exclusively breastfeeding my baby, and I have chosen to do this based on many different things. One of those things being I was breast fed as a child and turned out healthy, so I will do the same with my child. Although I have heard it is a very painful and tedious task that is very rewarding if you fight through the first few weeks of pain and uncertainty. I find it to be the most natural and cost effective thing for me, so it is what I am hoping to do once my little man arrives. I have even put a breast pump in my registry to further prepare myself for this journey! I selected a Medela breast pump from Target.com because it is a medical grade breast pump that is trusted throughout the breastfeeding community. It comes at a hefty price of $341, but from what I have heard it will be a necessity for those days you just have to much milk to deal with. I also have ordered some nursing bras that I will also wear through pregnancy because they are so comfortable! I found the brand Kindred Bravely on Instagram and I just wanted to brag about the quality of their product for a second. The bras are so comfortable and soft, not to mention very stretchy for when you need some extra space. I originally ordered an extra small (I blame that mistake on pregnancy brain) but they were wayyyyy to small. After I read the size chart a little more intensely I decided to upgrade to a medium, and it fits like a glove! I can’t wait to put these into use once baby is here, but until then they compliment the bump perfectly. I will attach the link to Kindred Bravely down below if you want to check out their website!

Anyways, enough about breast pumps and nursing bras! In recent years as I have gotten older I have started to notice this negative stigma that is built up around breastfeeding, specifically breastfeeding in public. Flash back to when I was probably 5 years old, and still in pre-school. My day care had taken us on a zoo field trip, and had a few parents go as chaperones for all of the children. One of the moms had recently had a baby, and of course the baby came along for the zoo trip. As we are walking around observing the animals, this mom stops for a moment to sit down on the bench. I decided to sit down with her, as I was tired and it was the middle of summer so very hot! Her baby was crying and demanding to be fed, so that is what this mother did, fed her child. I have never forgotten her pull her shirt to the side and start breastfeeding her child. I think I was shocked because I had never seen someone do it in public, but even as a 5 year old I didn’t think anything negative of the situation, my only feeling was curiosity of what she was doing. I have encountered very few women openly breast feeding like that in public since that day, and just recently have I started to ask myself why this was.

Scrolling through Facebook I came across a video that I will put at the bottom of this post called Breastfeeding in Public, and it shows different peoples reactions to this woman feeding her child. I was shocked and disgusted to see how many people said something so rude to her! Even women telling her she was disgusting and that could be done in a private place. I never have thought breastfeeding was disgusting, and I don’t understand how some people can be made so uncomfortable by something so natural. I have heard and seen all of the arguments about why you should/shouldn’t breastfeed in public, and honestly I think it comes down to peoples inability to let others do what they please, even when it doesn’t effect them at all. If seeing a nipple is so offensive to you, just look away or ignore the situation. Sure you have the right to voice your opinion about it, but as long as it is legal to do in public no one can control a mother choosing to breastfeed her baby in a public place.

I will never be the person to address a random person about how what they are doing makes me feel uncomfortable. Personally I probably won’t breast feed in public, because it just makes me feel self conscious, and I would feel a lot more comfortable doing it behind closed doors. I am not everyone though, and each person has a different opinion on the subject. The only thing we should remember is to be respectful of other peoples opinions and views. It should not be so hard for us to mind our own business and go about life with out letting others decisions or actions interfere with our daily lives, unless they are doing something awful like torturing an animal. Breastfeeding is a natural act that should not cause for distress or anger among people! Everyone can do what they choose with their bodies, and if that makes you uncomfortable than look away or leave.


Check out this video I linked below to see how people react to a mother breastfeeding in public places.


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The lack of motivation is real

I am constantly reminding myself why I started this blog and what success it can bring me if I just put in enough effort. I have started the ambitious journey of becoming a “blogger” and so far it proves to be just as much work as everyone said it would be. I have read 100 Pinterest posts, joined the Facebook groups, and made social media accounts for my blog. But just as the renowned bloggers warned, its not an overnight success kind of thing. I want to get my words out there and engage with people, but how can people find me when I am just another face in the crowd? Well this isn’t going to stop me from my dream of having a successful blog, because it is just motivating me to work harder (or as they say work smarter not harder). Some days it can be harder to find motivation to sit down and write than others, and so far the hardest part for me is media. The media I am referring to would be pictures/videos for the blog to correlate with what I am writing about.

You see so many bloggers and Instagram stars with these amazing pictures, and its not just the quality that is amazing. It’s like all I can think is who the heck is taking these pictures?! I don’t know anyone available during the week to drop everything and follow me around as I pose for a photo. So I am thinking maybe get a tripod? But then what if the pictures don’t look the way I want them to! That is honestly one of the things that makes me lack motivation more than anything, is getting good content to put on my blog so people want to look at it and read it.

I am not going to give in to this “rut” I’m in where I hear that voice in my head telling me I cant do it, because I know I can! I would love to be able to turn my blog into something that is my career and I can stay home with my baby and never answer to anyone but myself. Doesn’t everyone just want to work for themselves at the end of the day? So I have to stay on top of things, read my planner, give myself deadlines, and reach out to other people who are trying to do the same thing as I am. If you are out there reading this, and maybe you feel the same way I do, or maybe you don’t, but I just want to say hello I am another hopeful blogger and I appreciate you taking your time to read this. I would love to interact more with people who blog similar things as I do, or even different topics! So say hi and lets connect!

xx Katie

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Managing stress levels at every hour of the day

Stress can be a hard battle to combat, and even harder if you don’t have the skills needed to manage it. I get stressed over small things such as school assignments, work responsibilities, and my health. Ever since I became pregnant I have been stressed a lot more than usual because all I can think about is the well being of my baby, and how everything I do will potentially effect them. While eating healthy and getting enough sleep can determine my stress level, I also like to do a few other things in order to keep my stress at a minimum.

Keeping a night time routine is one thing I do that helps me relax, and lets my body know it is time for sleep. I usually like to take a bath in the evening because the warm water helps me calm down after a long day, and I just feel better climbing into bed clean. There is no better feeling than fresh washed sheets after a nice hot bath/shower! When I take a bath I like to use a bath bomb from lush, and sometimes I will even throw a bath oil bar in there too. Lush makes natural bath products that use different scented oils that are perfect for calming down after a long day. Aside from taking a bath I like to eat dinner right when I get home, which is normally around 7 pm, so that my food has time to digest before I go to sleep. The last thing I try to do is going to bed at the same time each evening, but this can be really hard depending on the night.

I keep a humidifier in my bedroom to help me sleep, but it is a great way to help you relax. I bought my humidifier on Amazon for like $20 and I use lavender oil, tea tree oil, and occasionally peppermint oil. I am a big “scent” person, by this I mean that smells can really affect my mood, so by keeping a humidifier in my bedroom it helps me just be a calmer person overall and honestly I think I sleep better. I even put one in my baby registry to keep in the nursery!

Drinking a lot of water is a sure way to calm me down! I don’t know why I have always felt like taking a few sips of water can help me relax, but its better than taking a deep breath. I always try to drink at least 60 ounces of water a day, because my doctor told me you should aim to drink about half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day. I keep a cup with me at work that holds about 24 oz. of water, so I just fill it up all day long to ensure I drink enough water. This is harder to do on my days off, but I still try regardless.

Planning out my meals helps me stay organized, and results in less stress for me (especially when it comes to dinner). I can’t tell you how annoyed I get if I forget to plan out a dinner and then I get home and there is nothing to eat. I recently have started becoming “hangry” which is when you get hungry and angry at the same time. So normally when I go grocery shopping for the week I plan out my meals in advance! This is easy to do with a freezer because I can just freeze the meats I’m going to use at the end of the week. I was watching some YouTube videos the other day and this woman was preparing freezer meals for after she has her baby, so she was cooking the full meals and just putting them in the freezer to defrost and eat later on. I think I am going to do this in the next few months, because I know the bigger I get I will definitely want my meals to already be made.

I am not the most organized person in the world, but I find putting in the extra effort can really save me time and energy down the line. I am pretty independent, and usually only have to worry about myself. But with a baby coming into the world I need to change my habits! By keeping a daily/nightly routine and meal prepping for myself I know I will be making progress in preparing for a baby. Of course there is a lot more to do in order to prepare, but that is for another (much longer) post.


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21 Weeks Pregnant!

I have been slightly excited to start documenting my pregnancy in a way that was more than just pictures on my iPhone. I see so many women who share their pregnancies online and receive a lot of love and support, and honestly I have felt like I have been missing out. I am a skeptic when it comes to sharing personal information online, but all I can think about is how I will be happy to look back someday and read about how I was feeling at this time in my life. While not everyone is always going to agree with everyone, it is important to stay true to your beliefs and not let the fear of what others think hold you back from doing what you want.

So now that I have added my small disclosure statement, I can go on to write about what I started this post to talk about. 21 Weeks down and 19 to go! I am not going to lie… when I first found out I was pregnant I was really scared. I was worried for what people would think of me, how I was going to afford to have a baby, and just for me and the baby’s overall health. As time went on and more details got worked out, things became a lot easier to accept. One of the first things I did was take to the internet to see how women like me were coping with being young moms, and to my surprise there are a lot of women out there in situations similar to mine! Reading/watching other women’s experiences with pregnancy has made me excited and happy to be bringing a life into this world. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and I have always thought that, and if anything I am happy God has blessed me with this gift that some people never get to experience.

So the journey has been pretty textbook for me so far. The first 3 months were physically difficult for me, for a multitude of reasons. First came the exhaustion, then the all-day-sickness crept up on me and didn’t leave me alone until 2 weeks ago. Now that I am in the second trimester things have gotten a lot more pleasant! I am able to feel the baby kicking and am starting to see changes happening on the outside of my body. When they say that the second trimester is a lot easier than the first, they aren’t kidding. I am using this time to prep for the third trimester, where I am sure there will be many changes going on. I get worried that I will feel overwhelmed, but knowing how many women do this brings me comfort in the fact that I am not alone. I also have an amazing support system from my boyfriend, friends and family.

I will be working up until I physically cannot, and I am also wrapping up college in the next few months! Not to mention my lease is up on October 14th, 2017, a month before my due date!! So I have a lot going on, but I do a lot of things to manage my stress. I know that the further along I become, the more important it will be to keep my stress levels low. I have already started purchasing some baby stuff since we know the gender. I literally have not been spending a penny on myself (besides food) so that I can get ready to have the most stylish baby on the block. I have mainly been buying clothes, but recently I invested in a Moby wrap. This wrap allows you to wear your baby on your chest. I have read so many positive benefits to baby wearing that include calming the baby, lessening your chances of postpartum depression, and of course bonding. I wish I could test the Moby wrap now, but I will just have to wait until baby is here to fully enjoy it!

I’m going to cut it off here before I start rambling too much. I have so many thoughts constantly going through my head about this journey, so if you have any bits of advice or have a similar due date to mine (November 26th) please leave a comment!

xx Katie

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First Blog Post!


OK this is exciting! I have been trying to put a blog together for a long time, but have never had the drive to sit down and do it. Well I have been feeling more motivated lately, and so I finally sat down and created something. I am excited to share my thoughts and ideas with you.

The things I will be blogging about cover a wide range of topics. From day-to-day lifestyle, fashion, food, and crafts, I just want to have a platform to share my life and ideas with more people. If you enjoy this type of blog, than you will enjoy everything I will be posting. I just recently ordered some stuff in the mail that I want to review and talk about in a longer post. I also would like to talk about some daily health routines that have really been positively affecting me lately. I have a small list going, but ill name a few here:

  • Daily vitamin intake, and how I mange to stay healthy
  • How I stay organized (planner, apps, notebooks, etc.)
  • Product reviews of new things I have been trying
  • Daily vlogs?

So I put a “?” by daily vlogs because that is something I have always been interested in trying, but am not sure if it is something my readers/viewers would find interesting. I will most likely still give it a shot, just to say I tried! While I am still trying to figure out the logistics of running a successful blog, I hope you will stick around to see this grow!

Back to the drawing board!

xx Katie

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